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Bridge Consultant

Steel and composite bridge design


Steel and composite steel concrete bridges
Steel structures
Dynamics of Structures
Advanced structural design


Since March 2004 :Manager of M.I.O Consultant

1999 -2004Head of Bridge Department at OTUA – Technical Office for the Use of Steel
pour l’Utilisation de l’Acier

1987 - 1999Head of steel and scientific calculations Department- S.E.R.F. Design Office

1982 - 1987Steel design engineer CFEM (ex EIFFEL CM)


March 1997PhD at U.T.C. (Compiègne) Structural Dynamics and FEM analysis.

June 1982Postraduate Diploma at Centre des Hautes Etudes de la Construction (CHEC) Section CHEM

June 1981:Civil Engineer ENTPE (Bridge Speciality )


Long span bridges : Millau Viaduct : Conceptual desgn of the winning cable-stayed bridge solution, Karkistensalmi bridge in Finland
Tied arch bridges of TGV Méditerranée : Garde Adhémar, Mondragon, Avignon sud toll bridge
Composite HSR bridges of TGV Nord
Road bridges - Footbridges

Technical support to Bridge Designers

          Conceptual design of steel and composite bridges and footbridges

          Use of steel in bridges.

          Steel bridges design : construction details, erection techniques

          Repairs, refurbishment, and maintenance.

          Implementation of Eurocodes and foreign codes( BS,DIN,ASCI)design rules.

          Bridge technology in foreign countries

          Statistics, procurement and bridge market analysis

Working Groups

          Since Feb. 2005 : Chairman of AFGC WG: High performance steel bridges with S460 and above.

          2000- 2004  Chairman of AFGC/SETRA WG :Dynamics of footbridges

          1998 - 2000 Member of WG : Wind dynamicw on bridges 

      Since 2002 : Member of Scientific Advisory Committee of AFGC ( French Association of Civil Engineering.

Technical Editor

Steel bridge magazines with OTUA:

2001 - Bulletin PONTS METALLIQUES N° 20 : - Historical review of steel bridges

2002 - Bulletin PONTS METALLIQUES N° 21 : Large steel bridges

2003 - Bulletin PONTS METALLIQUES N° 22 : Arch bridges

2004 – Bulletin PONTS METALLIQUES N° 23 : Millau Viaduct

2001 - Bulletin OUVRAGES  METALLIQUES N° 1 : Solférino footbridge, Dynamics,..

2002 - Bulletin OUVRAGES  METALLIQUES N° 2 : Millenium Footbridge, Historical review, …

2004 - Bulletin OUVRAGES  METALLIQUES N° 3 : Stainless steel footbridges, Mobile bridges,

International conferences

Chairman of Organising Committee of the First World Symposium on Footbridges: FOOTBRIDGE  2002,            OTUA, Paris, November 2002.

Theme : Design and dynamic behaviour of footbridges  

Général secretary of the international symposium : STEELBRIDGE  2004

            OTUA, Millau, June 2004.

Theme : Steel bridges : design and recent developpments .

Co-Chairman of Scientific Committee of the international symposium : FOOTBRIDGE  200

OTUA,IUAV Venise December 2005

Theme : Design and dynamics of footbridges

      August 2004 :  Orthotropic bridge conference - Sacramento, USA

  •     June 2004 :  HSR bridges – Porto, Portugal

  •     April 2004 :  FIB – Avignon, France

  •     Jan. 2004 :  Technical day CETE OTUA , Metz  - France

  •     Déc. 2003 : Internationale Steelmaking Days – Paris, France

  •     Oct.  2003 : POSCO conference in Séoul – Korea :

  •     Sept. 2003 :  CTA conference – Genoa- Italy

  •     August 2003 : IABSE Antwerp  


Lecturer at Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées  - Professional Engineer Training and Master Degree.

Lecturer at Postgraduate  D.E.S.S.Génie Civil (Steel structures) at I.U.P. of Cergy Pontoise

.Lecturer at final year Structural engineer Option MMS at EPF - Sceaux

Member of Eurocode WG on Eurocodes 3 et 4

AFGC ( French Civil Engineering Associaion): Member of Scientific Committee and chairman of Working Groups : Footbridge Dynamics -High Performance Steel Bridges

Editor of Technical Steel Bridge Magazines

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